Revolutionary New App to Replace Business Cards!

Let’s face it; we are in a digital world, where just about everything is accessible with a touch of your smartphone. It’s about time business cards took that next quantum leap forward. Welcome to BoBL!

Eliminate all the hassles and costs of using paper business cards!

With BoBL there will be…

· No need to carry physical business cards.

· No need to store (and lose) other business cards you have received.

· No need to manually enter contact information in your phone, saving time.

· No heavy environmental footprint, as millions of business cards are thrown out.

· No strain on forests and non-renewable resources.

· No inconvenience of re-ordering business cards.

· No inconvenience of changing contact information.

· and No cost (Social Version Only)

The BoBL app will allow any user to create, edit, send and receive as many contact or business cards with less time than it takes to hand someone a contact or business card, and you can do it for free!

Once you receive a BoBL contact or business card all you have to do is touch the card on the screen , and the person’s contact information, including phone number, text, email, and website, will instantly appear. No information has to be manually entered.

To download for free, click on the correct link above. Have FUN!