Connections made easier!

BoBL Professional will provide all of the benefits of a business card, without any of its failings. No more re-ordering, re-purchasing, and re-stocking business cards. The best part is BoBL will do it all for a one-time $9.99 set-up fee.

Keep your current design!

With BoBL Professional you can convert  your current physical business card to a BoBL Card. Converting your business card is easy and takes less time than ordering online.

Be Creative!

With BoBL Professional you can design and create up to 5 different cards that will best fit your business and personality. BoBL Professional gives you to access multiple template designs; you have the ability to choose your fonts, color, placement and even what information you wish to have. Personalize it more and add a picture or Logo!

BoBL Ads!

BoBL Ads are a revolutionary new concept; that will allow potential customers to receive your business card without ever meeting them in person! In other words, your business cards will network themselves even while you sleep.

Everyone within a 40 mile radius of your business will see your BoBL ad rotate on the yellow banner on their app. They just need to tap on the yellow banner with your ad, and they will be able to instantly download your card or be directed to your webpage!

BoBL ads are free to try for the first 30 days to everyone who purchases the BoBL Professional version. Additional BoBL ads can be purchased for as little as $7.99 a month (with a 3 month purchase).

For the price of one small order of business cards you can get a lifetime of BoBL Cards and 30 days of advertising! It Doesn’t get any better that that!

Exchanging Information!

Sharing your BoBL Professional business card couldn’t be easier.

QR CODE: This method not only works cross platform (iOS-Android, Android-iOS), but it also works for BoBL users and non-BoBL users alike! That’s right, anyone with a smartphone can get your information instantly!

BoBL-users  just scan the QR code generated by the BoBL app. Your card image, and contact information will be instantly downloaded to their phone book. Your BoBL Card is also stored in their app for easy access and sharing with others!

Non-BoBL users use their own QR scanner to scan your QR code, and your contact information will be instantly downloaded to their phone book. NOTE: Non-BoBL users will not receive the image of your card or be able to share your contact information as easily as a BoBL user can.

NFC (Android only): Just select “NFC” and place your phone back to back with another BoBL user’s phone. Your card image, and contact information is instantly downloaded to their phone book. Your card is also stored in their app for easy access and sharing with others! This takes word of mouth advertising to the next level!

Invite others, and get rewards!

Invite your friends to use BoBL for free! Inviting them to download it is fast and easy!  Just select “invite” on your home screen and select “QR” or “SMS”.

Inviting using QR-code: Have anyone simply scan the invite QR code, they will be instantly sent to their (iOS or Google) App store where they can then just download the app for free!

Inviting using SMS: Enter the phone number of the person you are sending the invite to, the select send. You may edit the message that auto-populates. When your person clicks on the link sent them, they will be asked to enter their email address. They must do this in order for you to receive credit for inviting them. Once they do, they will be instantly sent to their (iOS or Google) App store where they can then just download the app for free! You can even copy the link and paste it on social media to maximize your rewards. NOTE: Only by inviting your friends with SMS do you get credit towards BoBL ads and/or cloud storage.

The Advantages of BoBL “Professional”!

  •   AD-FREE!
  •   Create and save up to 5 different cards (at a time).
  •   Full access to all card templates.
  •   Convert your physical cards to BoBL-Cards.
  •   Ability to send and receive BoBL cards on Apple or Android platforms.
  •   Free cloud storage! Save all your business cards and received business cards on the cloud!
  •   Access your BoBL account from any mobile device!
  •   Ability to utilize BoBL Ads (first 30 days free – only available with the Professional version).
  •   Earn free BoBL credits towards advertising or increased cloud storage!
  •   Earn $1 BoBL ad credit for every 10 customers you refer who download BoBL! (Text invites only)

Coming Soon!

+ Instant “social media” connection (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.).

UPGRADE to BoBL Professional TODAY! One-time $9.99.