Connections Made Easier!

BoBL Social is a great and easy way to connect with someone without having to manually enter in contact information. The best part is… ITS FREE!

Imagine you are at a party and you meet someone; the party is winding down but you would like to stay connected. Now, with an easy scan or tap of the card you can exchange contact information in a fraction of the time it takes you manually enter in a single phone number!

You Are In Control!

You control how much or what information of yours is given out on a case by case basis. If you are shy about giving out all your information, use your app and select only the information you want shared (i.e. Email only). Then just Scan or Tap and you are good to go. If your contact information should change (email address, number etc.) you don’t have to order new cards, just edit the information and everything is saved.

Be Creative!

With BoBL Social you can design and create a card that fits your personality. While “BoBL Social” limits you to three template designs; you have the ability to choose your fonts, color, placement and even what information you wish to have. Personalize it more and add a favorite picture!

Let’s take a look at what you can do with BoBL Social!

· Create and save 1 card (at a time).

· Unlimited card edits allowed.

· Ability to send and receive BoBL cards on Apple or Android platforms.

· Conveniently store business and contact cards from other users directly on your device!

· Receive special offers from local BoBL professionals via BoBL ad banner.

· View and contact received cards with just a touch of a button!

· Invite others to use the app, and grow your social and professional network!

· Invite 10 to download the app and get BoBL Professional at no cost! (Limited time)

Coming Soon!

+ Instant social media connection (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.).