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Q: Do I need to have the BoBL App to receive a BoBL-Card?

A: Yes, and No; Anyone with a QR Reader can instantly download the BoBL-Card contact information to their device’s phone book. Only with the BoBL-App can they receive the card image, and have the ability to share your card with others seamlessly. We recommend inviting them to download the BoBL app in order to maximize your networking potential. 


Q: Can I share my BoBL-Card to a different platform? (from iOS to Android and Android to iOS)

A: Yes. Using the QR Option Android and iOS can communicate perfectly with each other.


Q: Can I share cards that I have received from others?

A: Yes. BoBL isn’t just designed to replace business cards, It is designed to streamline and enhance networking. 


Q: I like the design of my “paper-model card”, can I use that?

A: Yes. Only BoBL-Pro users are given the option to convert a physical card to a BoBL-Card. Just click on the “+” sign in the top right corner to create or add a card. 


Q: Why do I need to give BoBL permission to make and manage phone calls?

A: It is important to note that at no point does anyone affiliated or associated with BoBLCard have access to your personal information. The permissions required are strictly designed to streamline you networking need and accessibility.

BoBL requires permission to access your phone book, so every time you receive a BoBLCard from another person, it can add that person’s contact information directly into your devices phone book, allowing for seamless and instant access.  For example… When you want to access a card that you have received from another person or business. Just go into your menu, select received cards, then select contact. This will open up that person’s contact information allowing you to connect with that person or business instantly, without ever having to enter in a single digit!


Q: How much does a BoBL-Pro upgrade cost?

A: One time purchase of $9.99! You will not be billed ever again to maintain Pro status. Once you upgrade to Pro, you maintain all benefits and privileges associated with Pro status.


Q: What is NFC?

A: NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC works when you touch two Android phones back to back to send and receive information instantly. NFC is only available for select Android Devices. Apple has locked their NFC technology and has made it unavailable for use for non-Apple software.


Q: Do I need to register in order to use BoBL?

A: Yes. Registering is fast and easy. It only requires your name and email. This is necessary in order to give referral credits to those who share the BoBL app.


Q: Can I share BoBL with others?

A: Yes. Just tap “Invite” on the “home page”; Then select if you want to invite someone using a QR Code, or SMS message. 

NOTE: Only inviting someone via SMS message will give you a referral credit. You will not receive any referral credits for any invites given via QR code.


Q: If my phone is lost or damaged, what happens to all my content, information, and received BoBL-Cards?

A: This is a big reason to upgrade to Pro. Only Pro-BoBL users automatically store all BoBL content to the Cloud. Pro-BoBL users can login to any device and have instant access to all BoBL content. Social  users have the option to store received card content (only) onto a SD memory-card (if applicable).


Q: What are BoBL-Ads, and why do I want them?

A: BoBL-Ads put your cards to work for you. BoBL-Ads put your selected card and information in the rotating yellow banner located on the home page. Anyone within a 40 mile radius of where your device is will be able to see your “BoBL-Ad”. When they tap the yellow banner they will be able to either instantly save your card to their “received cards file” or be directed directly to your website. You decide where the “BoBL-Ad” will take them when you set it up.

“BoBL-Ads” allow your business cards to network for you while you take care of your business. The old paper model cards cant do that!


Q: Can I try BoBL-Ads for free?

A: Yes, we would love you to try BoBL-Ads for FREE!  Everyone who upgrades to “BoBL-Pro” will instantly receive 30 days of FREE BoBL-Ads starting from the moment you up-grade. So don’t waste a moment and put your BoBL-ads out there right away. People are waiting to learn about your business

Q: How much do BoBL-Ads cost?

A: BoBL ads cost less than most paper business cards! Only BoBL-Pro users can purchase BoBL-Ads. BoBL-Ads can be purchased in 30, 60, or 90 day increments, starting at $9.99.  The more you purchase at one time the bigger the discount you get!